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Important to know
Current employees must meet these criteria to be eligible for a self-initiated internal transfer or promotion:
  • Have been in their present position for a minimum of twelve months; this waiting period can be waived by their current supervisor or HR business partner, at their own discretion.
  • Meet the minimum stated qualifications for the position;
  • Are in good standing with JHU;
  • Have submitted an application with the required release from the hiring manager or HR business partner, if applicable.
In addition, employees are encouraged to have a transparent conversation with their supervisor regarding pursuing new JHU career opportunities.

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Our mission

The mission of JHU's internal hiring process is to create and sustain an environment that values internal hiring by developing staff, fostering transparency, expanding job equivalencies, defining competencies, and establishing clear procedures, metrics, and reporting. 

Our vision

Our vision is to foster a culture of hiring internal talent first, and where our staff feels valued and empowered to grow professionally and be their best. 

Our core values

Our core values are transparency, diversity, inclusion, equity, opportunity, partnership, integrity, and accountability.