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myLearning Internal Mobility @ Hopkins Curriculum

Part 1: Resume Writing Online Course
Obtaining your next position at JHU starts with effectively letting others know why you are the best person for the job. In this workshop, you will learn best practices for branding yourself and sharing your experiences in both resume and online formats. You will get practical tips for getting your resume to stand out with hiring managers and recruiters. 

Part 2: Internal Interviewing: Putting Your Best Foot Forward Online Course
You see a new position at Hopkins and you’ve applied for the new opportunity. You’ve even been selected for an interview. Since you already know the organization and some of the managers in the department, you figure it should be an easy process and there’s no real need to prepare. But this is a wrong assumption. Internal interviews require the same rigor as interviews with an external company. Internal interviewing also poses a unique set of challenges. In this workshop, you will learn what is involved in the internal hiring process.  

Coming soon! Coaching session: Polishing your resume with a JHU career coach 
After attending the Resume Writing course, you may sign up for a group feedback and coaching session with JHU staff. 

Talent Management

Additional resources from Talent Management include Professional Development and Career Management.

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