Voices from JHU

  • Work with meaning.

    "You are the foundation that allows us to advance our students’ educations and aspirations, to provide humane and excellent care to our patients, and to pursue groundbreaking work in so many fields of research." 
    – President Ron Daniels

  • Be valued with a world class benefits package.

    “One of the things that attracted me to Hopkins, if not the most important thing, was the benefits package.” – Zack R.

  • Be supported by the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program.

    "There was an unbelievable comfort in being able to come to the FASAP office; not only for myself, but for my children.” – Samartha P.

“I love that there’s so much opportunity for advancement.” – Dominic D.

Video: Grow Your Career at Hopkins

“[We are] making sure that the researchers are able to do their job quickly and efficiently.” – Zack R.

Video: Be Part of Our Mission

“They are contributing to my future.” – Nicole C.

Video: Continue Your Education with Johns Hopkins University

College students are in my workplace! That means there are lots of exciting things to do all the time….And because it’s a university, the work-life balance is woven into the fabric here.”
— Sara B. (Contracts Associate)

“I am passionate about the work I’m doing here, helping JHU employees purchase homes in different neighborhoods around the different campuses. It’s a very community-based role. Social impact is key for me.”
— Katie W., (Community Programs Specialist)

“The sheer size of JHU is very attractive. I love that there’s so much opportunity for advancement within the organization. … Knowing that there’s room for advancement, that there’s always an opportunity, makes me want to push myself to get to that next level.” 
— Dominic D. (Multimedia Supervisor)

“I like knowing that I have contributed to research projects and future plans about cures and findings. I like being a part of something that’s bigger than myself.”
— Lacey D. (Contracts Associate)