Our hiring process

Step 1: Application is submitted

  • In order to be considered for a position, you must formally apply to a requisition posted on our JHU Careers site.
  • If you are found to be qualified for the position, your application/resume will be forwarded to hiring manager for review and further consideration. Otherwise, you will receive a system generated notification of disposition.

Step 2: Hiring Manager review

  • Hiring manager reviews candidates, schedules and conducts interview
  • Selection of top candidates/finalist

Step 3: Offer

  • Recruiter makes contingent offer and sends offer letter to candidate via JHU Careers site
  • Candidate accepts or declines offer​


Step 4: Pre-employment

  • If candidate accepts, pre-employment activity is initiated​ (background check*, references†, verifications, etc.​)
  • For some positions, Occupational Health is required. Health screenings and requirements may vary based on job duties.​


Step 5: Hired

  • The hiring process is now complete​. 
  • New hire starts work.


Step 6: After hire

  • I-9 is completed and ID badge is issued​
*Background checks are completed by our third party vendor, Universal Background Check.
†References are completed by our third party vendor, Harver, formerly Checkster​.