Community Commitment

At the core of the university is a commitment to the communities we serve–Baltimore, the nation, and the world.

Our success remains inseparable from that of Baltimore. We are constantly leveraging our considerable purchasing and hiring power to support economic activity in the city by promoting local businesses and fostering diversity at all levels of employment.

Now, more than ever, we are connected to the nation. The work and research happening at the university are shaping the national conversation on issues of policy relating to international affairs, gun violence, and health care policy. Not only do our science and technology partnerships provide care and services to patients across the country, but they also work to strengthen our nation's security.

Hopkins is among the most international of universities, with an unparalleled network of research and service projects that touch every corner of the globe. We operate programs and projects in more than 130 countries with over $230 million a year in foreign expenditures.