Work/life balance

Diversity, respect, and work/life balance are indispensable to our faculty and staff. We provide a range of programs and services to help you achieve a healthy mix of work, personal, and academic pursuits, including the availability of high-quality child care options. Each of these values is a pillar of a successful university, making it possible for all of us to perform and contribute at the level of excellence that is our hallmark.

Engaged employees tackle work challenges with passion and energy, feel connected to the university's broader mission, and contribute to organizational growth with creativity and entrepreneurship. In short, engaged employees are fun to work with! The university is committed to building employee engagement and is working with the Gallup organization to survey the staff regularly. The results of these surveys are used to help department leaders support the engagement of employees across the university.

To learn more, visit the Johns Hopkins Work, Life and Engagement.

Work Life Seal 2017 The World at Work Seal of Distinction is awarded annually to organizations providing a distinct mutually-beneficial experience to their workforces as determined by the overall strength of their total rewards portfolio and success in creating positive work environments. Johns Hopkins University has received this recognition the past five consecutive years.