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Sr. HR Coordinator

Classified Title: Sr. HR Coordinator 
Role/Level/Range: ATP/03/PB 
Starting Salary Range: $42,255 - $58,040
Employee group: Full Time 
Schedule: m-f 37..5 
Employee subgroup: Salaried Exmpt 
Location: 01-MD:Homewood Campus 
Department name: 10001373-Physics and Astronomy 
Personnel area: School of Arts & Sciences

Purpose of Position:

This position manages the Human Resources function for a major natural science department in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and includes but not limited to academic, research, administrative, technical, and IT activities.  It is the first and primary point of contact for faculty, researchers, staff and students with regard to Federal, State, University, Divisional, and Departmental human resources/payroll policies, procedures, and practices. The position will provide a wide range of Human Resources support and counseling to the department population in matters relating to recruitment and employment, visa processing, compensation administration and analysis, benefits administration, appointment processes, employee relations (including grievance resolution, performance management, disciplinary action, Reduction in Force, termination), training and education, personnel records management, HR policy interpretation and information dissemination.  The position will function as a HR Generalist and will handle the majority of such issues and concerns autonomously.  The position maintains contact with KSAS Divisional Human Resources, Homewood Student Employment Office and Office of International Services for all HR issues and school-wide project and initiatives. This position reports directly to the Administrator of Physics and Astronomy with a dotted line reporting to the KSAS Director of Human Resources to ensure smooth and efficient functioning for the department.

Knowledge and Skill:

  • Knowledge of Johns Hopkins University policies, processes, and systems, including but not limited to Personnel Policies, SAP, OISS, CATS, JHUjobs, KSAS/Academic Council appointment and promotions, Procedures, JHED, SYMPA, ISR, FML, P3, E210, Apply Yourself, Student Employment, Cost Centers/IO, Volunteer, Ergonomic.
  • Knowledge of Federal policies and processes including but not limited to Prevailing Wage, FLSA, I9, W2, W4, FMLA, Child Labor Act, Child Welfare Policy, Homeland Security
  • Understands federal regulations and policies working with minors including the Background Check Disclosure and Authorization Form
  • Knowledge of annual salary guidelines for faculty and research staff; knowledge of varying salary levels among departmental disciplines; knowledge of prevailing wage by field for H1 appointees.
  • Strong consulting and negotiation skills to be able to provide appropriate counsel, advice and work in partnership with management and staff on human resources matters. 
  • Ability to effectively manage, often conflicting, deadlines and/or goals.
  • Demonstrated organizational development and change management skills, highly capable of working with different leadership styles, diverse and/or complex organizational issues and structures.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills; ability to work collaboratively with others both within and outside of Human Resources
  • Ability to be highly creative and resourceful in effectively handling various payroll issues and concerns
  •  Knowledge of emerging trends and practices in human resources
  • Ability to work with and use current information technology (including: Microsoft Office Suite, FilemakerPro, SAP, Interfolio, and SIS)
  • Ability to work in a dynamic, fast paced environment, making independent decisions & the discernment to know when such independence is warranted
  • Ability to work as part of an effective team.
  • Experience in an academic setting.
  • Comfortable working in a large, complex, occasionally ambiguous environment.
  • Knowledge of university core competencies.
  • Ability to articulate the link between the job and the university’s commitment to quality and outstanding customer service to all clients.
  • Keep abreast of current and forthcoming policies and procedures by reading and analyzing updates that are produced by the University, Federal/State governments, and organizations.

Education, Experience, Licensure, Certification: 

Bachelor's degree required, Master’s preferred.  Degree in Human Resources, Communications, or related field preferred. A minimum of three years progressively responsible Human Resources related experience. Preferably five years related experience in an academic/research environment. Additional education may substitute for required experience and additional Human Resources/HR Generalist knowledge and experience may be substituted for required education, to the extent permitted by the JHU Equivalency Formula.

JHU Equivalency Formula: 30 undergraduate degree credits (semester hours) or 18 graduate degree credits may substitute for one year of experience. Additional related experience may substitute for required education on the same basis. For jobs where equivalency is permitted, up to two years of non-related college course work may be applied towards the total minimum education/experience required for the respective job.

Internal and External Contacts: 

With the purpose of exchanging information, advising/consulting, negotiating or /Influencing the internal contacts required to perform the major activities of this position include JHU Divisional and Central peers and officers; faculty, researchers, staff, students, and visitors. Similarly, this position will have external contacts including law firms, vendors, constituents of outreach programs, references in the recruitment process, and parents with whom will be required to exchange information, advise/consult, negotiate, and Influence to perform the major activities of this position.  This position is required to cultivate cordial and reciprocal working relationships with all divisional and central service offices contacts.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Payroll/Salary Administration

  • Utilizes PA20 to review, monitor and troubleshoot all payroll issues for all members of the department.
  • Researches and resolves department payroll problems using the Off Cycle Workbench utility and is responsible for processing Off-Cycle Check Requests.
  • Activates the Federal Work Study form for new undergraduate student employees; monitors Federal Work Study award balances; works with Student Employment to resolve any student payroll-related issues.
  • Reviews semi-monthly payroll register to ensure employees are paid on time and accurately.
  • Liaise with divisional office representative to assist in the collection of overpayments.

Appointment Processes Tenure/Tenure Track and Non-Tenure Positions

  • Administers the appointment process for tenure, tenure track, and non-tenure track positions.
  • Coordinates job ads and postings following department and school policies. (Job ads and postings for appointees are required on departmental web site and may be placed in professional/educational publications.)
  • Analyzes and recommends appropriate starting salary and compensation actions based upon School and Departmental guidelines, compilation and review of comparative data and historical information.
  • Applies annual salary guidelines for faculty and research staff; understanding varying salary levels among departmental disciplines.
  •  Conducts salary equity and other compensation studies as requested by Chairman, Faculty Advisors or Department Administrator, Completes analysis for internal salary comparison.
  • Appointment Letter Creation and Submission:
    • Seeks and monitors voting requirements from Departmental Appointment and Promotions Committee as necessary.  Monitors process to ensure required appointment request packet is complete.
    • Creates appointment letter; authorized to apply Chairman or CAS Director’s electronic signature without review. Submit to Dean’s office within 48 hours of request.
    • Follow through the appointment letter process until completion. Ensures all communications are responded to and completed expediently.
    • Review Dean’s letter of invitation before distribution to the appointee.
  • Proactively monitors non-tenure annual and term appointments for renewal.
  • Monitors and coordinates evaluation process for non-tenure appointees for annual and term renewals. Ensures researcher meetings are scheduled with Chairman, Senior Faculty Advisors, and or CAS Director.
  • Ensures historical and current appointment data is maintained.

Non-Appointee Recruitment

  • Administer employment process for non- appointed staff and students to ensure an efficient and smooth process in accordance with all applicable university policies and procedures.
  • Initiate JHUjobs hiring requisition. 
  • Liaison to KSAS and University Human Resources’ employment recruiters and compensation analysts as it is related to personnel requisitions for the department.
  • Coordinate conference calls and meetings with immediate supervisors, departmental officers and HR contacts to resolve level, role, salary range, and titling issues.
  • Provides guidance and makes recommendations on titles, appropriate starting salaries and promotional salaries to ensure equity among team is maintained.
  • Monitors applicant pool.
  • Screens applicant pool, evaluate, rank applicant pool, recommend for interview.
  • Recommend interview panel (HR Recruiter, Immediate Supervisor, Team Members) and develop preliminary schedule for Administrative Coordinator.  Monitor interview schedule and communications to candidates.
  • Post-interviews, rank applicants and coordinate rankings from all panel members.  Analyze and recommend for hire.
  • May be required to distribute Background Check documentation to candidates.
  • May be required to secure references for candidates.
  • Secure HCI for staff hires
  • Create positions and initiate ISR
  • Student Hires – Hire and supervise 2-3 office workers per year.


 (Faculty/Researchers/Staff, Post Docs, Students, Visiting Students, and Volunteers)

  • Fully administer onboarding process for all new hires.
  • I-9 Super user--completes new employee I-9 for staff including international faculty and researchers; direct students and postdocs to student employment for I-9 completion.
  • Creates and updates JHED records.
  • Secures keys with Facilities Coordinator in association with new office assignments.
  • Meets and greets all new faculty and staff
  • Orients employee to department personnel practices and staff support and communicates departmental/JHU policies; directs new staff to the appropriate online websites and systems.
  • Set-up E210 and instruct new hire to use the system
  • Initiates and processes parking forms, completes J-card application, ensures department mailbox creation, for admin staff ensures workstation is set-up, and request e-mail account set-up.
  • Ensures individuals are on the appropriate departmental SYMPA lists.
  • Coordinates collection of FNIF form and/or forward link to Employee Self Service (ESS) to expedite the hiring process and avoid any holds on paychecks.
  • Ensures that all international hires visit OISS
  • Point of contact for all Postdoctoral fellows that includes benefits,
    • Distribute PD checklist
    • Distribute, collect, and submit Benefits forms; Health Ins., Life Ins., and Long Term Disability
  • Manage the hiring process for visiting graduate, undergraduate and high school students including processing visas.
    • Create and forward letter of invitation
    • Instruct individuals on the application process using Apply Yourself
    • Approve application
    • Facilitate any J-1 processing with OISS
  • Manage on-site volunteer on-boarding processes.
  • Manage “for credit” student hires.
  • Coordinate all Temp for Hire
    • Work directly with JHU Randstad representative
    • Initiate Requisition
    • Review applications for administrative temp positions
  • Communicates federal regulations and policies for departmental staff working with minors.  Coordinates background check disclosures and fingerprinting activity with Divisional HR.
  • Creates positions in SAP to accommodate new hires.
  • Initiates hiring ISR
  • Activates the Federal Work Study

HR Management

  • Responsible for the day-to-day activities and tasks assigned to support the HR/Payroll SAP modules for all members of the department supporting master data elements.
  • First and primary point of contact for faculty and staff with regard to HR policies.
  • Responsible for answering and counseling faculty and staff on interpretation of HR policies and procedures related to recruiting, FML, STD, and timekeeping.
  • Identifies areas of risk related to these areas, brings to administrator as appropriate. Makes recommendations for resolutions.
  • Works with Administrator to develop divisional policies and procedures.
  • Initiates/Approves personnel actions, including hiring, salary changes, personal data changes, leave of absences with and without pay, supplements, and terminations.
  • Responsible for coordinating initial departmental efforts related to staff that require Family Medical Leave (FMLA). Communicates policies regarding leave and insurances.  Explores options.
  • E210 Administrator
    • Maintains administrative fields for E210 time records by adjusting time schedules, assigning supervisor, and updating department codes; sends reminders of incomplete time records and ensures all time records are accurate.
    • Sends communication to supervisors and/or employees within 10 days of month-end to remind of E210 submission and approval. Run Overtime report in E210 every two weeks to ensure overtime accuracy.
    • Authorizes final time records,
  • Maintains paper and electronic personnel files through creation, filing, updating, and storage.
  • Retrieves IDs, procurement cards, keys, and University property and answers questions relating to final paycheck etc.
  • Disseminates notifications from Divisional HR, Payroll Shared Services and HR Shared Services. Recommends workflow to respond to new initiatives and processes changes.
  • Compiles data for recurring, periodic and special reporting regarding human resource/payroll matters.
  • Accurately keys information to central and departmental systems.
  • Departmental FileMaker Pro Data Base/Website Maintenance and Reporting
    • Monitor and maintain departmental SYMPA mail lists
  • Ensure all ESS changes are captured in SAP and internal departmental systems.

Visa Processes

  • Administers visa process for international faculty, fellows and staff.
  • Initiates and completes all visa requests for department. Determines best visa appropriate in each situation and relays findings to sponsoring faculty.
  • H-1B Administration
  • Filing for Perm Res
  • J-1 Visas
  • TN status
  • On a regular basis partner with OISS to resolve visa issues
  • Liaise with out-sourced Law Firms relating to visa petitions
  • Notify employees and respective supervisors/advisors of impending due dates to extend visa end dates and work authorizations.
  • Ensures I9 re-verification as directed by Payroll Shared Services/Divisional Human Resources
  • Recommends and analyzes impact of H and Perm Res visas
    • Recommends alternatives and impact of alternative solutions. Negotiates with faculty to accept alternative visa status solutions.
    • Calculates approximate cost of individual petitions.
    • Analyses impact of annual prevailing wage (Physicists and Astrophysicists)
    • Monitors annual prevailing wage increases and analysis impact considering current salaries of appointed staff.
    • Confirms funding sources to cover costs of petitions; including allowable personal costs borne by petitioner
  • Partners with OISS when dealing with our international visiting students to ensure J is in place.
  • Coordinates early termination and departure in accordance with Homeland Security regulations.

Employee Relations

  • In concert with Administrator and KSAS HR, initiate Development Plans to improve performance
    • Work with faculty, supervisors, and mentors to develop time-line to improve performance
    • Recommend performance management/developmental plans;
      • Addresses gaps in skill and competency
      • Alters poor behavior issues
      • to develop solutions to meet faculty expectation
      • Defines the time-line
      • Partners with Faculty Advisors, supervisors, and divisional HR to adopt the appropriate plan
      • Monitors goals and manage change
      • Recommends formal disciplinary solutions.
      • Ensure the plan is in harmony with the expected improvement resulting in a significant increase in productivity
    • Ensure people are clear about expectations –both supervisor and subordinate
    • Ensures the individual possesses the skills and competencies required to ensure productivity addressing any skill gaps and arranging training or development plans to eliminate gaps
    • Monitors development plan for improvement
    • Recommend next steps: continued employment ending performance management; extend review, or termination
  • Monitors success of new hires and promotions throughout introductory period
    • Ensures expectations and job duties are mutually understood by supervisor and staffer.
    • Ensures periodic reviews are completed within 120 day introductory period
    • Recommends solutions to strengthen areas of weak performance
    • Recommends termination and or extension of probationary periods
  • Gathers sensitive information for the Administrator for grievances, disciplinary actions, and other personnel matters.
  • Initiates and Monitors Annual Performance Evaluation Process
    • Ensures mid-year internal evaluation process and annual evaluation process is completed for all staff positions.
    • Responsible for all departmental communications (.to supervisors and their subordinates) relating to annual staff increases
    • Develop departmental time line to meet Divisional directives
    • Identify
    • Keeps abreast of individual performance issues
    • Partner with Faculty and supervisors to strengthen any weaknesses,
      • Recommends training and development plans
      • Recommends performance management as needed

Salary Planning

  • Analyze salaries in order to determine salaries for new employees, raises, bonuses, etc.
  • Plan and conduct studies to improve the operational and financial effectiveness of the division.
  • Recommend budget adjustments and other cost improvement measures.
  • Administer Annual Salary Planning/Annual Performance Evaluation Process/Merit Adjustment, including:
  • Maintains internal salary adjustment history. Prepares worksheet required by KSAS HR.
  • In concert with Financial Manager, and Administrator, develop formula to associate % increase with Staff Performance Appraisal (SPA) ranking
  • Analyze and recommend appropriate merit adjustment compensation actions based upon SPA ranking, School and Departmental guidelines, compilation and review of comparative data and historical information.
  • Ensures all employees meet or exceed the minimum salary for the respective pay-range.
  • Conducts salary equity and other compensation studies as requested by Department Administrator. Gathers data and reports metrics. Performs analysis and recommends adjustments.
  • Completes KSAS merit adjustment spreadsheet. 
  • Submit merit adjustment documentation to KSAS HR (Individual SPA and departmental spreadsheet.
  • Upon approval, complete merit adjustment ISR.
  • Ensures comparable and equitable salaries, titles, roles, levels and salary ranges
    • Completes analysis for internal salary comparisons as requested by Department Administrator/Faculty
    • Uses comparative data and historical information to recommend salary adjustments based on specific compensation actions, i.e. promotions, market studies, changes in minimum wage/pay ranges.
    • Communicates to faculty advisors fiscal year salary guidelines for appointees.
    • Analyzes new government year prevailing wage determinations and compares with existing prevailing wage incumbents.
  • Uses guidelines to determine/recommend merit increases, and communicates changes to supervisors.


  • Conduct annual reviews
  • Staff development
  • Provide ongoing feedback and constructive criticism
  • Prioritize and direct work efforts, providing guidance and direction
  • Conflict resolution
  • Motivate for higher collaboration and performance
  • Conduct interviews and make recommendations for hire

General Communications/Reporting

  • Fosters practices which produce improved productivity and effective work environments.
  • Communicates continuously with respective RSA for all Personnel/Payroll Activity/Academic Council Activity
  • Partner with managers to appropriately communicate changes relating to payroll policies and procedures. Partners to develop department processes and workflow in response to Central and Divisional changes.
  • Maintains demographic and salary data and files to generate accurate reports with integrity.

Special Assignments

Updating condensing, and ensuring accuracy of the department’s active and inactive personnel files.

  • Moving to an electronic format from decades of paper.
  • Electronic files are complete, clean, and in appropriate order and filed using departmental shared folder naming conventions.
  • Paper and electronic formats are secure with limited access

Representative on KSAS and University Committees

  • GAE- Graduate Admissions and Enrollment
  • PAG- Post doctoral Administrators Group

Resource for other departments in KSAS

  • Answer routine visa questions
  • Assist in other areas as needed

The successful candidate(s) for this position will be subject to a pre-employment background check.

If you are interested in applying for employment with The Johns Hopkins University and require special assistance or accommodation during any part of the pre-employment process, please contact the HR Business Services Office at For TTY users, call via Maryland Relay or dial 711.

The following additional provisions may apply depending on which campus you will work.  Your recruiter will advise accordingly.

During the Influenza ("the flu") season, as a condition of employment, The Johns Hopkins Institutions require all employees who provide ongoing services to patients or work in patient care or clinical care areas to have an annual influenza vaccination or possess an approved medical or religious exception. Failure to meet this requirement may result in termination of employment.

The pre-employment physical for positions in clinical areas, laboratories, working with research subjects, or involving community contact requires documentation of immune status against Rubella (German measles), Rubeola (Measles), Mumps, Varicella (chickenpox), Hepatitis B and documentation of having received the Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) vaccination. This may include documentation of having two (2) MMR vaccines; two (2) Varicella vaccines; or antibody status to these diseases from laboratory testing. Blood tests for immunities to these diseases are ordinarily included in the pre-employment physical exam except for those employees who provide results of blood tests or immunization documentation from their own health care providers. Any vaccinations required for these diseases will be given at no cost in our Occupational Health office.

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