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Infant/Toddler Team Teacher - FT


Classified Title: Assistant Teacher

Range: CB

Level: 2

Salary: $11.72 - $16.11 per hour

Status: Full Time

School: School of Education

Location: JH Community at Eager Street

Location City: Baltimore

Location State: MD

Resume Required for Application: Yes


General Description


The Johns Hopkins University School of Education is launching a search for outstanding and passionate educators to join its education team.

At the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Early Childhood Center (ECC), team teachers work alongside mentor teachers, lead teachers and the family support team to support the holistic development of children in a full day, full year, early childhood classroom.


Team Teachers have at least one year of experience as an assistant teacher, aide or intern in an early childhood or child care center setting, have knowledge of infant-toddler with a track record of positive collegial collaboration. Team Teachers are reliable and energetic, and committed to the rigor of working in a high-quality learning center for young children.




The Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Early Childhood Center (ECC) at the Henderson-Hopkins Campus is a unique university-assisted community partnership operated by the Johns Hopkins University School of Education (SOE) to serve young children of families who live and work in the EBDI community; to ensure, from the prenatal period through pre-kindergarten, that all children are healthy, supported and ready to succeed in school. With the extraordinary potential to create a high-performing early learning site, the new Early Childhood Center, opened in September 2014, serves a diverse, mixed-income community of over 170 students and their families.


Through the nurturing and sustenance of a state-of-the-art early childhood facility, highly -trained faculty and staff, a rigorous curriculum, an exceptional adjacent K-8 community school, health suite, auditorium, gymnasium and family resource center, the ECC will pursue the latest, most effective research-based approaches to meet the needs of all students, their families and a revitalized East Baltimore community.

Using a blended funding model to achieve mixed-income goals to promote maximum diversity, the young learner population of the Early Childhood Center includes families from federally subsidized Early Head Start and Head Start, as well as families paying tuition.


Position Responsibilities


Purposeful Planning and Instruction:


  • Assists the lead teacher and assistant teacher in teaching and planning high-quality infant-toddler learning environment using a responsive relationship approach to learning that incorporates research-based experiences in early language acquisition, numeracy, science, social-emotional development, and creative expression, problem-solving and physical development.
  • Collaborates with teaching staff a nurturing environment, create personalized learning plans, and identify best practice teaching strategies to maximize learning for all infants.
  • Assists with the implementation of the Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos, along with other intentional classroom activities that are child-centered, developmentally appropriate, open-ended and process oriented.
  • Meets with the Lead Teacher on a regular basis to review classroom and child data, develop action plans that support goal achievement.
  • Collaborates with the classroom teachers and mentor teacher to support the process to implement individual goals for children and their families. Participate in a system of reciprocal, regular data feedback and utilization for individualized planning for children and families and continuous program improvement.
  • Collaborates with the Lead Teacher and other teaching staff to provide input on and implement purposeful experiences, personalized learning plans, and best practice teaching strategies to maximize learning for all children.
  • Implements intentional classroom activities that are child-centered, developmentally appropriate, open-ended and process oriented.


Effective Learning Environment:


  • Contributes to the creation of a nurturing environment that is child centered and responsive to the individual needs of each child and family.
  • Promotes a stimulating learning environment through active engagement with children during routine care and provides planned experiences enhancing cognitive, social and physical development of infants and toddlers
  • Provides an appropriate climate to establish and reinforce acceptable child behaviors, attitudes, and social skills.


Purposeful Planning and Instruction:


  • Collaborates with the Lead Teacher and other teaching staff to plan and implement group lessons, personalized learning plans, and best practice teaching strategies to maximize learning for all students.
  • Implements intentional classroom activities that are child-centered, developmentally appropriate, open-ended and process oriented.
  • Assists in implementation of Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)//Individual Education Plans (IEP) for children with diagnosed disabilities.
  • Follow the approved curriculum providing developmentally and linguistically appropriate experiences appropriate to age, language and culture of children served.
  • Implement experiential learning activities advancing the intellectual and emotional competence of infants and toddlers.
  • Provide positive guidance and discipline supporting children as they acquire readiness skills for kindergarten and beyond.
  • Implement daily lesson plans in response to children’s needs and interests incorporating observations, anecdotal record keeping, knowledge of early childhood development and the key experiences.




  • Supports the Lead Teacher in conducting ongoing observations of children.
  • Assists in organizing documentation of each child's progress and growth; and collecting anecdotal notes and portfolio items to document children’s development.
  • text
  • Completes daily health checks and communicates with the Lead Teacher regarding children’s status.


Family and Community Partnership:


Actively supports effective partnerships with families by:


  • maintaining open communication;
  • Remaining sensitive to different families’ cultures, values and needs; and encouraging their input into the educational program.




  • Actively participates in scheduled trainings, parent meetings and individual coaching sessions, and the development of a personal professional learning plan.
  • Collaborates with and supports the lead teacher and other colleagues in achieving professional goals.
  • Meets professional expectations as outlined in the staff handbook (i.e. prompt completion of tasks, dress, maintaining confidentiality, communication).
  • Appropriately represents the ECC externally.





High School Diploma/GED and a current Infant-Toddler CDA credential required. At least one year of supervised classroom experience in an early childhood setting with children age 0 to 3. Completed all regulatory documents for State Child Care Licensing including current Infant, child and adult CPR and First Aid certification.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


  • Belief in the ECC vision and values.
  • Commitment to building a collaborative culture.
  • Reflective and self-aware.
  • Adaptable.
  • Critical thinker and problem-solver.


Additional Requirements:


  • Successful completion of physical examination, diagnostic tests, and successful clearance of background checks and fingerprinting as required by local, state and federal regulations.
  • Physical examinations, drug screening and TB test are required as a condition of continual employment.


Preferred Qualifications


AA degree in early childhood education with specialty coursework in infant-toddler development preferred and may be substituted for the current Infant-Toddler CDA credential. An approved MSDE 45 hour Infant-Toddler CDA certification preferred.

JH Community at Eager Street

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