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Job Req ID:  693

Research Aide

Research Aide


Range: CA

Level: 1

Salary: $10.25-$14.06/Hourly

Status: Casual / On Call

School: Bloomberg School of Public Health

Location: School of Public Health


Location City: Baltimore


Location State: MD


Resume Required for Application: Yes




General Description

We are currently hiring outreach workers to work as a part of a large community-level intervention aimed to reduce HIV risk and increase community cohesion among female sex workers in Baltimore, MD. The intervention is largely centered around promoting the services at a full service drop-in Center for sex workers.


Outreach workers will be asked to conduct community outreach, in groups of 2 or more, to promote a new Women’s Center, which will open in Pigtown in the summer of 2017. Outreach workers will promote the Center, as well as conduct HIV/STI prevention and harm reduction education, and distribute condoms, resource lists, Center promotional items (e.g., key chain), as well as calendars and flyers of Center activities. Outreach workers will also be trained to administer and distribute Naloxone, an injectable medication that can reverse the effects of an overdose of opioids (i.e. heroin, oxycontin, fentanyl).


Outreach activities will take place in Pigtown, Carrol Park, Mount Clare, and Brooklyn of South Baltimore.


Essential Functions:

Promote the Women’s Center services and events (clinic hours, classes, support groups etc.).


Distribute Naloxone, train community members on its use and benefits.


Assist with need assessments and help develop outreach plans to inform Center programs.


Distribute promotional items, including condoms, hand sanitizer, lip balm, wipes, wipes etc.


Attend community meetings to promote services and develop rapport with neighborhood associations.


Build rapport with community members, including sex workers and local business owners.


Occasionally work in the Drop-In Center assisting with general tasks as needed.


Potential to facilitate peer groups and trainings.

Other duties as assigned.




High School Diploma/GED preferred


Preferred Qualifications:

Experience working with diverse populations including the sex worker population strongly preferred.

Prior interview and field work experience.

Prior experience with outreach work.

Successful candidates will undergo training sessions prior to working in the community.


School of Public Health - East Baltimore Campus